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Holy Shit I'm Old!

Went to pam and spot's party Friday night where a great time was had by all. I stayed until 2am and apparently missed some of the fun. After being up late and getting up early the previous night/morning  I was amazed that I lasted that long.
I woke up with a start Saturday morning at about 8am, convinced it was Friday morning and that I was about to be very late for work. That lasted until I verified the date on my phone's caller id screen against the date  on the calendar. Went back to sleep for about four hours and spent the rest of the day in a haze. A 'staying up late' induced haze, I had two or three drinks all night so I wasn't hung over, just tired apparently.
Went to see "Domino" with a couple friends last night. I liked it quite a bit, I agree with Roger Ebert, three stars and a very complicated plot.  Saw the trailer for "Jarhead" which looks pretty intense but I still want to see it. I never read the book so I don't know what (if any) agenda the real guy had when he wrote it and what (if any) agenda there was for the movie makers. The song they use in the trailer ("Jesus Walks", Kanye West) is extremely compelling ...in the trailer. Less so in the snippet available on Amazon. I'll at least take the time to sample the cd next time I'm at Borders though. (The biggest one by me, also the store I used to work at, is the Oak Brook store and they just installed a new music listening system that's a little better than B&N's.)
The only thing that I accomplished yesterday was purchasing the yarn for a Jayne hat. Today I'm going to the Arboretum with friends so I'll at least be outside enjoying the day. It looks like it's a perfect fall day, just like yesterday.


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