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So far....

it's been a nice weekend.
Friday there were games at spot and pam's with HOMEMADE lasagna (mmmm) and a cheese tray. We (unhipster,pam, pyropyga, oneleggedman, and two friends WINOLJ)  played two games of Settlers of Cataan. I didn't even come close to winning but it was a pleasant, laid-back night and it was fun learning a new game.
Slept in Saturday morning, finished reading Every Which Way But Dead (finally), caught up on my online reading, downloaded and played with Picasa,  went to Borders and then it was time to leave to go to the Chocolate Buffet at the Peninsula. The (mostly) bite-sized chocolate tidbits were very well done, the presentation was lovely, and the service was good but the room itself and the ambience left me a little cold. Their main restaurant is called The Lobby and that's exactly what it looks like, a hotel lobby. The view is only impressive if you're seated next to the windows and the jazz combo is probably better if you aren't right next to the speakers, thus forced to raise your voice to be heard.  Some presents were exchanged by some people (we were celebrating three birthdays) and then we made an early night of it so we wouldn't be on the expressways with a bunch of elated really drunk Sox fans.

Was almost late to my folks' house today as I was trying to make Quicktime work for me again.  I hadn't been to the Trailers page in QT for a while and found that I was unable to watch any trailers. Fine, I downloaded the update and restarted and still nothing. Crap. Finally I bit the bullet and installed iTunes and voila! QT magically worked for me again. I still won't even open iTunes (I got an iPod for my b-day a few years ago and after two weeks of long hours on the phone with Apple was not able to make my pc play nicely with it. Ever since then I've shyed away from iPods and everything related. I like my Creative Labs mp3 players very much and don't want or need to mess with Apple's stuff.)

Watched the Bears win this afternoon, finished then frogged the Jayne hat I had knitted. The instructions I found make a very short watchcap, not a Jayne hat so I just need to lengthen it.

Am currently peeking at the White Sox, I hope they win but if I had to (or could) pick I'd pick a winning season for the Bears over a White Sox world series win.

Also, new user icon but haven't picked a new journal/user name.

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