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A couple of small accomplishments last night.
First I found a replacement for my quickly shrinking favorite lip-stick/pencil. That was mainly a matter of remembering that I want something in Sephora  other than Demeter perfume. I tried New Mown Hay (I think, I can't find it listed but it was definitely hay and not grass) while I was there but didn't experiment too much as I was meeting pam for dinner later and didn't want to gas her out. Met up with pam, then went to the games store and bought a new card game I saw on BoingBoing yesterday. It's called Set and it has simple easy to learn rules but is fairly absorbing. We played a round while we waited on our food. ]
Came home, caught up on my online reading, and while waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the  Sox to win game three I finished the fugly Jayne hat. There should be a picture somewhere around here of it.
The big accomplishment was this morning when I stood on the scale and it was official--I've lost 25 pounds!! Woohoo!
Tried on a couple fancy dresses from holiday parties passed, and they both fit great! Even bigger woohoo!

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Here it is in all its, um, glory?

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