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Generic Weekend Wrapup

Friday was ok. I wound up teamleading at work, normally a stressful thing but since I was already about as mad as I could get from the night before,  I figured nothing that happened at work would piss me off any more than I already was, and indeed, the day went pretty smoothly. I used to teamlead and got bumped from it and hope to teamlead again. I got bumped because of 'errors' (filling too much/too little of something, the wrong item, missing an item, etc) but I haven't had an error for two and a half months (plus my boss, Satan, is leaving in a couple weeks) so I'm hoping to get back to it. (I think I've mentioned this somewhere before but we fill about 600 lines a day so as far as I'm concerned going ONE WEEK without making a mistake is pretty damn good. We're only supposed to get about two a month though.)
Friday night I went to a friend's house (WINOLJ) to play games with my unwired friends. We played Five Gems and SceneIt! Turner Classic Movies edition and a pleasant time was had by all.
Saturday I mostly slept and read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Seriously. I must have had some serious sleep dep, 'cause damn. Woke up and got ready, donned a 'generic wench' costume and headed out for a co-worker's  Halloween party. That was fun for a while then I came home and went back to sleep.
Sunday I slept in until the last minute, went to see the 'rents, watched the Bears pull a out a win! when it mattered!! then came home, cleaned, did more laundry, caught up with my online reading (again) and in a few minutes it will be time to watch Veronica Mars and tape Gray's Anatomy.
That's it, sadly. One of the only noteworthy things about this weekend is that I only gained a pound  (usually it's two) due to inactivity. Also more sleeping than usual.

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