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Stick a fork in me..

....I'm done.

  Caitlin, Lori, Karen 
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Windycon32 was big fun. It was a good size for a first con experience and I'm very glad I went. We made it to the "So it's your first con" panel (entertaining,  but not very informative, I already knew the 5-2-1 rule), then out to dinner, then to parties, then to sleep (2am is past my bedtime nowadays). Then up for breakfast at the _International_ House of Pancakes and an entertaining and informative panel called "From Vulcan to Xena" featuring Fr. Guy Consolmagno (second from the top google hit as the first is a little wonky), Jim Plaxco, Diana Challis (best I could do for her) and David Angus. From there I went straight to Byzantine History with Harry Turtledove and assorted other experts (I missed the Joss v. Gene panel as I felt the Byzantine panel would be  more informative and equally entertaining). Then I checked out the art show (they had some really cool stuff and I would definitely have bid if I wasn't already pretty much broke from the party) including some pretty funny stuff by Mike Cole. The dealers' room was more of the same, loads of stuff I'd love to have(especially the "Save Leeroy Jenkins" t-shirt, hee!)  but couldn't afford at the moment. Tried to buy the Garrett PI books I was missing from Glen Cook but he only had the most recent ones. Damn. They are all being reissued in '07 though so they will all be mine eventually.
Then it was time for our group to start party prep, putting up decorations courtesy of pam, Amanda (with lots of pretty sari fabric from Devon) and lverhulst. Then it was time to get dressed (as Inara, kind of) and mix the punch. That was my main responsibility and it went over big. We had only planned on two servings each for 80 guests but since we opened early and the punch was a hit we ran out at 1am. There was still food left though so we didn't start kicking people out until 2am. Then we tore most of it down and went to sleep ( 4am, owowowow).
Somewhere in there was a fire alarm (caused by an overloaded elevator) and my purse was stolen (from our own party!!!) but all in all it was a good night. There was Poisoned Apple (Thanks Barbarians, you throw a mean wine and cheese party) and some chocolate goodies (you go Theobromos Society, it's all you!) and lots of great costumes and really fun folks wandering in and out of our party.
Met lots of great people this weekend, some of whom I had wanted to meet,  some of whom I wanted to meet but just didn't know it yet, and barely missed meeting others I definitely wanted to meet.
The purse. I put my official Space Hooker evening bag down on the raffle table in our party and some asshole took it. It only contained my cellphone, pocket program, room key and smokes so it could have been an even bigger inconvienence but it was still pretty irritating.
I was able to prereg for Capricon26, which I am looking forward to very much. Especially as we're taking a break from party-throwing for this one and leaving it to the 'professionals'. That will leave me with lots more time for panels, dances, auctions, and (possibly) volunteering.
Pictures are posted here. (Thanks for the pics Jason!)
That's the short version, if I get the time/inclination I'll write a more detailed post later. Now I'm going to read some nice peaceful faux Dickens and go to sleep.

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