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New Books

I am very excited for two reasons, one good and one silly. I just received a collection of poems by Billy Collins who is apparently the current poet laureate, and they are very accessible and entertaining. I have quite enjoyed the ones I've read so far and am inspired to dust off my Robert Pinsky books. He's similar to Collins but not very funny. So a book full of good, accessible, entertaining poems is very exciting. I've missed out on him so far, which is what I get for not listening to NPR.

The silly reason I'm excited is that Rob Hirst, my second-favorite member of Midnight Oil, has written a book that's a diary of their last tour of the US, which took place right after 9/11. I am excited to read this because Rob's a very smart and funny guy and I'm eager to hear what he has to say about America, etc. I'm also looking forward to this book because there should be a fair amount of stuff about the other band members in it, including my favorite, Martin Rotsey. Martin has very few published comments (that I have been able to find), to quote a Midnight Oil fanpage "There isn't much that we actually know about Martin. He is the VERY anonymous guy of this band. Probably the most discrete rockstar of the world." Silly I know. Also Bones Hillman is very funny so the bits about him will be great as well. Not getting out much this week as the Bookcrossing meetup was cancelled due to lack of interest last night and I'm not bowling tomorrow. I will be watching a couple Buffy episodes from the season 2 dvds so that will be nice.


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