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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I haven't updated in a while but this time I have an excuse, it's not a good excuse, it's a fairly stupid excuse--I don't have an internet connection at home right now because I forgot to pay my phone bill. I pay it online usually and it only takes a minute, making the transition from "I'll do it tomorrow" to "Didn't I do that already?" smooth. Anyway I paid the Stupid Bastard Company and they disconnected me anyway, which means I have to sign up for a completely new phone line. Since I changed my cell phone provider I don't feel the need to have a land line at all and I really really really hate the fact that in addition to paying Earthlink too much for dsl I have to pay the Stupid Bastard Company about $45 a month just for local phone service to be able to get the dsl.
I should (finally) be getting a laptop (with a wireless card!!) in a couple weeks so I'm waiting until then to decide what to do. One option is Verizon Wireless Broadband which would allow me to get online pretty much anywhere in Chicagoland--in a park, on the beach, wherever. It would cost less than I was paying for my current phone/dsl combination and be really handy. On the other hand I've heard rumours of things like $5 dial tone service for situations like mine. So I've got a couple weeks to figure out what I want to do. Unfortunately since I have no internet connection at home I have no way to research this--so suggestions are welcome.
In the meantime I'm going to try to at least loosen the hold of the internet monkey that seems to have climbed on my back. I spend about as much time sitting in front of the computer as most folks spend sitting in front of their tvs. This is not good. So I'm going to try and use these two weeks to build better habits--go out and socialize face to face more, watch some of the dvds I've bought, finish the socks I'm knitting, do yoga in the morning instead of catching up on what happened while I was sleeping, etc.
My folks are out of town this week, visiting my brother and his family and my aunt and her family so I'm living at their place taking care of their internet connection cat. It's better than nothing but it's not the same as being at my own house with my own computer with all of my own completely recent bookmarks (a few months ago I saved my Firefox bookmarks and emailed them to myself at my gmail account, so I can access them anywhere. I just have to remember to keep updating that file).
Work, Italian class, and diet (down 35 pounds now) are all going along. Sunday I went to a new (to me) bookgroup. It was fun and the discussion was lively even though only two of the seven people had finished the book (Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norell), not including myself. I was only about halfway done, but the bookgroup had given me the incentive to at least start reading it and after the discussion and getting more than halfway through I will certainly finish it. Still not sure who, if anyone, I would recommend it to, or if I would pick up a sequel if one appeared (both questions posed by people that hadn't even started the book) but I am enjoying it and planning to go to the next bookgroup, if only to see what everyone else thought of the ending that I will have read by then.
For Thanksgiving (since it's half of my weekend this week) I'm just going to a friend's house to hang out, maybe finally see Harry Potter (two groups of friends went last weekend, both at times I couldn't go), and have some yummy pad thai instead of turkey. (I had my holiday pigout last night, Panda Express for dinner and M&Ms for dessert.)
I hope y'all have a happy and relaxing day and are with your families, born into or created.

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