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On the Couch

I'm finally back, I'm posting this from the couch--finally, typing on my new laptop computer! I'm so excited about this, no more being trapped in one room of my apartment while I'm on the computer, now I can sit (or lay) on the couch, play Scrabble while I'm folding laundry, or even (as I heard about on Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!) use it in the smallest room in the house. That won't be happening actually, the smallest room in my apartment is very small and as Roxanne Roberts said about being on a cell phone in the bathroom, "It's a guy thing." It's Sunday so I'm really looking forward to watching the Bears' game while I potter around on the internet.
Not much else is new with me, work is the same, home is the same, I've lost 40 pounds, so that's cool.
I went to see Aeon Flux (it was ok, entertaining and very cool looking) about a week ago with the SF group.
Friday night we went to see The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I liked it quite a bit but was very disappointed that I couldn't judge for myself how faithful an adaptation the movie was as I seem to have forgotten quite a bit of the books. It was certainly faithful in spirit and was able to be largely because of the effects. The Beavers were real talking beavers, not beaverpeople, the Witch, while looking human was also clearly _not_ human, and Aslan was indeed spectacular. The CGI landscapes were gorgeous and only rang false a couple of times due to the lighting not matching correctly. The costumes were very good from the childrens' clothes at the beginning to the coronation outfits at the end. The big issue was something wrong with the sound, one of the audio channels kept cutting out so we'd get great movie theater surround sound for a few minutes, then it would drop down and be much flatter, then back to the surround sound. I had heard that one of the only faults people were finding with the movie was that the soundtrack was much too loud so the audio problem could have been the theater's attempt to address complaints. After the movie we went to eat at Lucky Strike, a nightclub/poolhall/bowling alley that's not nearly as hip as it thinks it is. My mixed greens salad with goat cheese was very good though and razornails's fried macaroni and cheese balls were pretty good.
Yesterday I braved the wilds of Schaumburg with Christmas only two weeks away, and I went to the CompUSA to buy this fabulous machine. I got it and signed up for the pillow fluffling option where they take all the bad things off the machine (well not all, the guy said there was nothing he could do about IE although he did download FF 1.5 for me) which took two and a half hours as there was only _one_ tech guy there on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas. OMFG, the stupidity!
Brought it home, turned it on, and because sometimes you catch a break, it found a wireless network! I'm still going to sign up for my own dsl but in the meantime I can surf off of someone's cable modem. I already downloaded F-Secure in about a tenth of the time it would take on dialup and have been catching up on my blog roll also.
I was supposed to work last night from 3pm-1am but when we came in Friday morning there was a sign posted saything that thanks to all of our hard work we were ahead of schedule and so the Saturday night shift was cancelled. As nice as it was to not have to work I really wish they would have given us more notice, say 48 hours instead of 32. I  turned down an invite to a party for that night a couple weeks ago and the day before is a little late to call up and say 'I can make it after all' so I just stayed home and transferred files and generally settled in to the new computer.The only problem with it so far is that the super handy scroll stripe on the left of the touch pad doesn't seem to want to work. It will work in IE but not in FF or here in semagic. Or in Notepad for that matter, hrm, I'll have to figure that one out and if I can't I'll have to take it back.
Finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  I liked it well enough I guess but I'm not quite sure what all the fuss was about. Perhaps people liked it so much because it was so original, unlike anything else out there. Now I'm in the middle of The Secret Life of Bees and I have to remember to pick up a copy of The Last Unicorn for January's book club.
Tomorrow night is the talk on dark energy that I've been looking forward to, I hope I understand enough of it to make it worthwhile heading down there.

Now it's time to get off the couch (literally) and get some Christmas shopping done. 

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