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Catch up post

Originally uploaded by oilygrrl.
The yarn I got today.

I can't believe I've gone nearly two weeks without posting again. I have been reading everyone else's posts though.
Yes, I was waiting to get my new connection (SBCYahoo dsl) set up. Yes, I was piggybacking someone else's wireless connection so I didn't want to install my shiny new security program (this was apparently a ridiculous concern but no one told me that, they just mocked). Yes, I was busy with pre-Christmas errands and general busyness. Still, I have a ridiculous amount of free time so there's really no excuse for not posting.
But now everything is set--Christmas has passed uneventfully, my new modem has arrived and been hooked up to two (TWO!) computers, the new anti-virus/firewall software has been installed, I have clothes that fit the new me, a new cell phone that I don't _hate_, low-key yet fun NYE plans, and a couple of busy weeks ahead with plenty to look forward to.

I'm enjoying the time off, mainly pottering around online, but also trying to get out of the house once a day.
To briefly catch up--the Annual Friends' Gift Exchange and Food Fest went well, having apps and desert at two different houses with Holiday Magic in between them was a nice change. There was only one sniping incident but other than that the whole day was pleasant. We played Mental Floss:The Game, that was lots of fun. A smart-ass trivia game, rock on!
Tuesday night I went to a supervisor's going away night-out no big deal, but it was fun hanging out with co-workers I don't normally talk to.
Thursday I got the dsl set up on my laptop, went shopping and generally pottered around.
Friday I went out to my folks' house to stay over until Christmas night. I finished shopping on Christmas Eve (I know, I'm bad), and went to church with my parents, where I put up with being paraded around like a prize pooch. Most of my friends are missing one or both parents and my folks are both 70, I try to remember that and be patient with them.
Christmas we opened presents (my brother actually sent gifts!!) then went to another couple's house for Christmas dinner. I thought we'd get home in time to watch most of the Bears' game but we didn't leave until 6, when I had to leave to get to a my friend's mom's house for games.
Monday I went out to see HP:GoF with some friends but they called when I was in the theater parking lot and said 'Ooops, told you the wrong theater!', no big, I had to go to the grocery store anyway and I'd already seen the movie.
Tuesday I went back out to my parents' house so we could celebrate my birthday early. They're leaving for Florida tomorrow and won't be back until the end of March, so we went out for a nice dinner at FoxFire and I got my presents, LotR:RotK and a nice shea butter gift set from l'Occitaine.
Yesterday I did make it out to see "Memoirs of a Geisha" which I liked quite a bit more than I expected to. It wasn't my choice but I'm glad I saw it, I hadn't read the book but now I'd like to (after I finish working on my Serenity RPG character, reading The Last Unicorn for the book club, filling out rebate forms for various purchases, organizing my home office, cleaning my apartment, etc). Last night was too much Scrabble online and some geekery (two computers!! online! at the same time!! [perhaps one day they'll be able to speak to each other, I can dream]) and "Criminal Minds" (love Mandy/Gideon) and "CSI:NY". It was ok I guess. Then after getting only five minutes of Joaquin on David Letterman (this was like a week's worth of tv for me, all in one night) I finished watching "Serenity" with the commentary and extras (including the one easter egg I could find online).
Today I went to two yarn stores and am afraid I'll have to go back to Midwest Yarn Distributors and grab some of the very pretty, very soft chennille-like yarn they had to make myself a nice spring cardy or possibly twinset. I bought one spool of it (they are a cash/check only business and I came unprepared) along with two spools of this goregous green cotton/rayon mix. (I'll post pix when I get home, right now I'm at a Caribou enjoying the whole wireless 'thing'.) [ETA: Posted above.] Then, since I was planning on going to Glen Ellyn anyway to see "Good Night and Good Luck" I stopped by a small yarnshop there and bought three hanks of beautiful, stunning, hand-dyed wool (in "rainforest") to make a sweater out of. After buying the yarn though, I just really didn't feel like going to see what (by all accounts) is a very good movie. I want to see "Shopgirl" as well, but didn't want to hang around until 7pm. I read Shopgirl and loathed it beyond reason but after reading a couple user reviews at the IMDB think that it will be a much better movie than novel. It was the comparison to "Lost in Translation" that did it. I thoroughly enjoyed "Lost in Translation" so I'm curious to see how "Shopgirl" stacks up. Another day perhaps, tomorrow maybe.
I bought an audio copy of The Truth (with Jokes) and have been listening to it in the car. It's entertaining but infuriating. The more I hear the more I think "What the fuck was America thinking? What did Bush and Co. put in the water?Aaaarrrggh!"
Ok, that's enough for now.

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