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Love the Bunny!

Thanks to everyone here that added me back on their Buddy Lists when I added them to mine. (In case you were also added by the mysterious kelpiebones in yahoo or a new user number in ICQ, those would probably be me as well.)
NYE weekend was nice but lowkey, trivia was played, lasagna was eaten, some adult beverages were drunk. Also there were two kinds of cake and peanut butter and jelly rollup cookies (oooh, they were really good). We didn't get to play Settlers of Cataan as I don't have an expansion pack and without it you can only play with 3-4 players. But it was still a nice night. New Year's Day itself I watched more of the Monk marathon than I should have, saw the Bears lose, and watched some of the borrowed "Profit" dvds (with love-fest commentary by Adrian Pasdar, some producer guy, and David Greenwalt. I had forgotten that Profit predated Buffy, but it was on the year before Buffy started.)
Today I finally finished Thud, Pterry's newest Discworld book (thanks for the loan oneleggedman), a nice study of racial hatred and violence and the difference between the good guys and the bad. Extremely timely stuff.
Sadly I didn't accomplish many things that I wanted to over vacation, got some yarn bought and some knitting done, watched a couple movies but not as many as I wanted to.

Two memes that amused me...

it's all about me. deal with it.

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