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Well then, here we are, about a week later.
I had a nice night on my birthday, I was working all day and came home tired from all the overtime. After re-reading the Adler's website I came to the conclusion that this month the only special thing happening on "Far Out Friday" was they were going to be open late. While I was trying to psych myself up to go, a friend called to wish me "Happy Birthday". Long story short, I wound up going out to El Famous with a few friends for burritos and nachos. Then because I had already been bad we went to Cold Stone Creamery.

Saturday I did some laundry then went to work, but we didn't have to stay until 1am (thank goodness), only 11:30. I moved my stuff to the new area as well, grabbing one of the scarce lockers and making sure I would be ready to go on Monday. Sunday I got up just in time to get ready and drive into the city to see "King Kong" (again). This was something in the nature of a favor that (as it turned out) I didn't really need to do. Oh well, if I had bailed I would have felt really guilty. Did have a delicious late lunch/early dinner at one of the Francesca restaurants, Forno. I had carmelized pearl onions in a sweet and sour sauce, a caprese salad and what they claimed was a pasta dish but seemed very similar to crepes, filled with chicken, mushrooms and pesto. Mmmmmmm! Since they serve small plates and it's a more informal atmosphere it was reasonably priced as well.
Then it was time to get somewhat lost driving to the Phandemonium book group. Got there in time to do a little knitting book shopping and then meet everyone, some folks from last time and some new faces. Once again I had managed to attend the meeting without having finished the book. The book this time was The Last Unicorn and I will finish it soon, it's a very short book. Right now I'm reading it to see what (if anything) happens. Something must happen sometime. (I thought the same thing about "Shopgirl", Steve Martin's novella, and nothing ever did happen.) Everyone except for one person agreed that the book was pretty bad and some who had read (and loved it) as kids were left wondering what they were thinking. More than anything else it reminds me of Jonathon Livingston Seagull. (I have no idea why I read JLS as a kid but I did and it bored me to tears.) This is why I haven't finished the book yet, I don't look forward to reading it. I have to carry it with me so I'll read it at lunch while I'm at work.

Now it's time to go get ready for this month's meeting of our group, which is usually a good time.
Also this weekend I finished watching the complete (hah!) dvd set of Profit, David Greenwalt's show before Buffy. That was darned entertaining.

ETA: This is the 'alternate beginning' of this post, I started it this morning on one computer and finished it tonight on another.

Spent a lot of time in the car this weekend, which means my blood pressure is fairly high, as I've been listening to The Truth, with Jokes, by AL Franken. With truth like that, he needs more jokes. RPGing was fun on Thursday, we got more actual role-playing in than ever before I think.

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