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I posted about the accident when it happened, and then a year and a half later I posted about the effin' arbitration where the other driver's insurance company's lawyer tried to make it seem like I was driving around that day looking for someone to hit. Anyway, lucky me!, the whole thing is going to trial so I get to take another day off work for this BS and go to court to be pestered by this horrible person some more. Can. Not. Wait.
Lots of good stuff in the meantime though, I'm going to see the b'ys on Thursday and "Far Out Friday" on, um, Friday. Then Tuesday is our monthly meeting, and Thursday through Sunday is Capricon! I'm very excited about Cap, we have a good group going and the schedule looks good, more decisions to make.
In other 'news' I had an uneventful weekend, Saturday I shopped for clothes that fit and then went over to a friend's house to watch a little "Seaquest DSV". It was pretty much as I remembered it, only stupider. Not sure why but at the time I don't think I noticed the swiss cheese nature of the plots, but man... I loved that show so much and now, meh.
Speaking of loving things, I just went to see if Great Big Sea had sold out the Vic and noticed that the show is not general admission but they have assigned fucking seats! Shit! I was really looking forward to getting there early and finding a good spot to stand because one wants to be able to jump around at a GBS show. According to the band themselves a GBS show isn't "something you attend, it's something you do." Bugger. I was going just sell my extra ticket at the show but since whoever I sell it to will probably be sitting next to me the whole time I'd rather give it to one of y'all instead. Seriously, if you want to check out an awesome band for free, be the first to comment and tell me and the ticket is yours for Great Big Sea at the Vic, show at 7:30, doors open at 6:30.

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