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Originally uploaded by oilygrrl.
Picture of me wearing the jersey I bought after the concert tonight, I'm working on the post right now.

Here's the content....
I went to the Great Big Sea show tonight at the Vic and the b'ys rocked the house! They played two sets, one mostly traditional and one mostly original. They sounded great, everyone's playing was fab, but there was a problem with the sound. When they were all playing their instruments their voices got drowned out by their own music, so if you were at the show and didn't know all the songs already it might have been a bit of a trying experience. Even though this show was not general admission (!?! I know, at the Vic for cry-yi, the only time I've seen something from a seat at the Vic was at a Brew'n View) the assigned seats worked out well for me as even when the two ladies in front of me were standing, I could still see pretty well.
The 'to stand or not to stand' decision at shows is always a little fraught, I would have been happy to stand and move around the whole show, but if I did then everyone behind me would have to, etc. There was some discussion of this by the people to the side of me with the people in front of them but mostly things seemed to work out.
I did NOT take the Kennedy as both googlemaps and Mapquest suggested. It took me longer than I'd thought but even then I was almost on time. I would have been in my seat for "Donkey Riding" (traditional show opener) but the parking lot across from the theater is in the process of becoming (shockingly) condos. I drove around and wound up parking in a very small (12 space) self-pay self-park lot. Other than that I didn't see any place to park. I asked the guy at the Supervalet lot if I could park there and he said they closed the lot at ten so, no. I asked about any other place to park and he told me about the tiny lot I used, five blocks away! Let's keep in mind that this is a busy, popular neighborhood with a number of theaters and restaurants, but it seems they all have their own valets and there aren't any lots. Pissed me right off.
I don't have a set list but the only dopey slow song they played was "Forget Me Not", other than that it was all energetic crowd pleasers. They only played one of the two "horse falling through the ice" songs on the new cd, and it was "Charlie Horse." In the middle of the second set they messed around starting a song and got the crowd to sing part of "Jesse's Girl" and then "(I Would Walk) Five Hundred Miles" before starting "Run Run Away". I've loved "Run Run Away" ever since I heard and saw the original Slade video (this was obviously before you had to be pretty to be on MTV) and I always forget what a great job GBS does with it. The boys had two encores but ended the show at ten pm on the dot. Since they started on time (of course when I needed a late start and/or opening act there wasn't one) it was a solid 2.5 hours of music with maybe a 15 minute intermission. Anyway, there were loads of people there having a good time, singing along and giving some love to the boys. Two songs I really missed hearing were "Jolly Roving Tar" my favorite song of theirs, and "Old Brown's Daughter" which is a great song as well.
I had such a good time I'm seriously thinking about seeing the Saw Doctors when they hit town around March 8. Pierce is still gone but they don't seem to have put out a new album so the songs will all be familiar.
I'm still going to Far Out Friday tomorrow night but will miss the Warped Passages talk as I have to visit a good friend's mother in the hospital. She's just been diagnosed with cervical cancer which hasn't metastasized (thank goodness!) but she's still got to have chemo and radiation. This is complicated by her age and the fact that she has lupus. So I want to spend some time with her.
Not much news elsewhere, still wondering where all of my time goes.

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