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Feb. 10th, 2006

Made it here last night, got registered with almost no trouble. They had temporarily misplaced the pre-regs of most of the people who signed up at Windycon in November but I just gave my name and got my stuff so that was ok. Went out to dinner with a few folks from our group. A local Thai place that aimee_darling recommended. Then we returned to the hotel, checked out the dealer's room and art show, which were still being assembled. Played Puerto Rico with mostly chicago-sf.org folks (we missed you pam) then hit the one party that was still open. They had a yummy coconut flavored drink which was served in a specimen cup (appropriate as it was a human anatomy party), and so to bed at 2am, an early night.

This morning I was up and out at 10am, barely in time to catch the hotel's breakfast buffet (mmmm, hash and hash browns).

Now I'm just killing a little time before the first panel of the day, "Political Science--Is Pluto a Planet?", Brother Guy is here so we'll see if he participates in that panel.

So far it's all good and I've only forgotten one thing which can be easily obtained at the Jewel, there's a bit of a hole in my schedule this afternoon so that's a good time to run errands.

So really nothing to report so far, just hadn't posted in a while and after nattering on about this con I wanted to get in at least one post from here. On the free wi-fi in the lobby so I can feed this additiction for free.

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