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Well THAT was irritating, kind of

I got a phone call at work yesterday from the law office handling my insurance company's attempt to get their money from the Bad Insurance Company from the accident two years ago. They wanted to make sure I was all set for the trial tomorrow. Yikes! Calendar mishap! I had written the trial date down as March 22 (also a Wednesday), so no, I wasn't in anyway ready. I wasn't scheduled to be off of work, didn't have the meager paperwork I have collected. (I don't have to participate in this at all but I'm trying to be nice. Also, as a friend pointed out they might actually be able to compel me to testify, they just haven't needed to so far.) So I got today off at the last minute and waited until almost 11am for the lawyer to call and tell me to come downtown (or not). She finally called and, long story short, it got postponed again. It's a 'sure thing' on April 21 though, two days before I'm supposed to be in Charleston for my brother's 'real' wedding. He's been married ten years, but the first time it was a quickie in South Carolina with just the two of them and a Justice of the Peace. Apparently at some stage he asked if there was any reason they shouldn't get married and m y brother looked at my sister-in-law and said, "I don't know Sis, what do you think?" The JP was not amused.
So I spent the afternoon in Chicago. The first stop was the Blommer's Chocolate Company outlet store which was just as underwhelming as I had heard, but still, 10 pound bars of chocolate!! And the chocolately smell! It was wonderful just walking around the outside of the factory, it smelled fantastic!! I wound up only buying a small bag of dark chocolate covered dried cherries, some Revere Bittersweet and a small baggie of Bit o' Honey for my mom. Then it was off to Barnes and Noble (the new big one at State and Jackson) to spend a gift card. They had nothing I was looking for specifically but I did get Kage Baker's two newest along with Samuel R. Delany's Dahlgren. They were particularly lacking in astronomy books and also had a severe Ghost Brigades deficit. After striking out there, I went back to the Borders on State and found two books that I was looking for but still no GB. They were supposed to have six on hand but no one could find them. They may have been bought that day then off for chinese food with a friend and home. Most of this was accomplished on foot so there was a fair amount of walking around the city on a beautiful day, which is always good as well.
Also tomorrow is Thursday, so there's only two more days until the weekend!

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