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Feb. 26th, 2006

Not much of a weekend. Was tired and a little cranky on Friday, so I was lazy and changed into loungewear as soon as I got home and piddled around online. Saturday went to Trader Joe's and bought some good stuff and some not so good stuff (where good=healthy). Haven't made any of the good stuff yet. Just ate the cookies. Don't know where my will power has gone but damned if I can find it.
Hung out at Caribou reading some more Jovian Chronicles rules, etc. Made some good headway there. Called around to see what the usual suspects were up to, which was messing with their pictures from Hawai'i. They had fun and I've seen some pictures but nothing worth leaving the couch for. Did some laundry and read some more of The Atrocity Archives OMG so good!! Seriously, I had to start making deals with myself just to put it down.
Today was the Pompeii exhibit at the Field, that was interesting but I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know. (Most overused word of the exhibit, 'pyroclastic'.) Then dinner in Chinatown at the Three Crowns where the food was not as good as at Three Happiness (seriously, I had the same thing and it wasn't nearly as good.) Then home where I failed my will power roll again and had more cookies and also didn't do my Italian homework.
Also had a depressing conversation with Appendix Girl. She's having a hard time of it in Davenport. And that's the weekend.
The sole good news was upon opening my mail today I discovered my car is paid off as of the 17th, so that's some cash that, umm should be going into a savings account, just in case. The trade-in value at this point is negligable, so I need to start saving up for the next car. A little depressing, but still, only 35k miles on this one so it should be good for another couple years. *crosses fingers*
That's about it really, motivating myself for Italian class is a sad exercise in wild inappropriateness, but whatever works, hey?

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