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I've been so busy reading and commenting on other peoples' journals I completely forgot to write in mine.
Also I don't have much to say except that I didn't realize it would be quite so challenging to get a part-time job. I've only been trying a week, but most places aren't hiring. The two jobs I had before my current full-time job cut hours recently, so no joy there. Easter and Mother's Day are coming up so I will definitely be paying a visit to the florist I worked at in high school. The new places I have been able to apply to said they might want me to work at the store in my town or they might want me to drive 30-40 minutes each way to work at a different location. That would suck because then I would be spending more time to make less money. So far no one has called about any of the applications I turned in, so next Monday I get to start the "Hi, I applied for a part-time position there a week ago..." phone calls. Those are always fun. I do need the money though, and I have far too much spare time, so I shouldn't complain too much.

Although I have been thinking that a useful function of LJ is complaining. On LJ people can complain about their lives to friend's, acquaintances, and strangers. Maybe it's just me (ok, probably it's just me) but I think it helps sometimes to be able to whine about whatever you want to people who can just stop reading your journal if they get tired of it. So I'm going to complain about being broke and how much it sucks here, instead of to my friends. Not nonstop, all pissing and moaning all the time, but more than I talk about it to people I know.


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