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Went to Italian class tonight. This is a good thing as it's the first class I've attended after deciding for sure that I wasn't going on the Mediterranean cruise this summer. There are a several reasons I'm not going but the main one is that it would have absorbed all of my vacation time and money for the year. I'd rather have a bunch of shorter vacations spread out over the year than two weeks that would be the focus of the rest of the year. Some things I want to do instead--Duckon, my brother's renewal of vows in Charleston, a long weekend in Vegas, visiting my ex-roomie in Upstate NY, and possibly, Worldcon. All of those spread out over the year sound better than two weeks of too much food, too much booze and too much sun all at once.
Also figured out that Christopher Moore's appearance in Chicagoland is not on Easter Sunday so I'll be able to go. (Hey, get off me! If Octavia Butler was young, my parents are not, so if it takes 10 hours out of my month to make them happy then I'll do it.) Whee! Crazy Fucks, ahoy! There may also be non-Chris squeeing over this as well, time will tell.
That's about it for updates here.
Other than that the only news is that I've (finally) taken the b*t-t*rr*nt*ng plunge (thanks for the link Stinky!) and so far I'm underwhelmed. I've been t*rr*ntng the latest "Stargate Atlantis" (Not a word. Not a syllable.) and after 2.5 hours I'm 20.5% done. Huh. This is why I picked something that it would be fun to see but I don't really care about. Not sure how this will work after the Shiny Machine goes to sleep. We Shall See. I do keep getting an error message from F-Secure ( which I continue to Love Beyond All Reason) that says something about "Unrelated ICMP Message". I've gotten about 20 of those in the last 2.5 hours. Don't know if it's related to the b-t'ing or not.
Back to Italian though, I do have a Totally Awesome (note to self, find the HTML code for 'TM') idea for our "Show and Tell with Food Fest" class later this spring. Hee! Or should I say, Squee!

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