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Work in Progress

Work in Progress
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I've been busy this week so no updates really. Monday was Italian, Tuesday and Wednesday I wasn't scheduled but kept busy at night. Thursday was the wrap-up of our Serenity RPG, Friday was Far Out Friday at the Adler which was fun. I got a parking ticket though and this time I had change and fed the meter, just not enough. Bah. Saturday was lunch with a friend of my Mom's, then dinner and a movie in LaGrange. We saw "Fun with Dick and Jane" and it was worth about $2. Then today was laundry and a poker/Oscar party. It was nice to hang out and eat too much and critique clothes that are worth more than half my year's salary. I was the big winner in our Oscar contest, that means that I won $7 (everyone throws in a dollar, and the person who guessed the best wins it all). Tomorrow is Italian again, then Tuesday is the monthly meeting of our SF group, Wednesday I should be at home, and Thursday is bowling (finally, I haven't bowled in ages). In between times I'll be working on my character for our upcoming Jovian Chronicles campaign and finishing up The Forever War for the book club meeting on Sunday.
Also my boss, Jack, said on Friday that I should meet his brother as we both read a lot of SF. I've never met his brother but if he's anything like Jack he'll be smart, nice, interesting and pretty good looking, a good new recruit for our group. That would be cool.
I'd like to make some progress knitting as well since it won't stay cold forever and I'd like have the sweater I'm working on (pictured above) finished before it's too warm to wear it.

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