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Another busy week, which I outlined in last week's entry.
Italian again on Monday, it's silly but I'm proud of myself for going each week that I make it. Tuesday we had a record of thirty-two people at the monthly meetup. Lots of people is a good thing, but even more importantly everyone seemed to be having a great time chatting with friends, getting to know the new folks and playing with (paper) frogs. Next month we're being shunted into our own room, which will be good for general mingling. In two years we've gone from seven people at a coffee shop that closed at nine to 32 people closing Dave & Buster's at midnight. Nice. Wednesday was downtime, Thursday was bowling (my highest score was 132 and I was over-average for the night), Friday night I was home (watching the two eps of LOST I had missed and an ep of "Veronica Mars" I had had on tape for weeks), Saturday was games and lots of food at Mark and Pauline's and today I finished The Forever War just in time for the group discussion tonight. I wound up seeing Tsotsi beforehand as I remembered there was a decent theater across the street from our usual book group venue, and looking at their arthouse selection decided to go early and see whichever movie was showing next when I got there. "Tsotsi" was the big winner and for a generally downer movie it created pretty positive feelings. I liked it quite a bit, especially the lead actor and the music. I attempted to purchase something by the main musical contributor (who also had a small part in the movie) once I got to Borders but they didn't have anything by him. No ZOLA in the whole store. They were also sold out of the movie's soundtrack, The Ghost Brigades, and the new NFT Chicago Guide. PLUS their cafe was closed for remodelling. That turned out well though as we wound up at the much more congenial bar in the movie theater across the street--comfier chairs and better food are good things.
We had a good crowd for the book discussion, nine people and one new member who came over to see what all the fuss was and will be joining us in May when we discuss The Curse of Chalion.

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