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Huh, well howabout that?

I guess it has been over two weeks since my last post with nothing much new to report. New system for batching out lines at work, it's coming along and when the mainframe has been hit enough times with a sledgehammer it will be a good thing. Right now it requires a little patience. The tiny little thing that I require to get through the day is back in place though, so I'm good.
The music is back (kind of) but I am still earwormed with "Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint" from "Inside Man". Literally cannot stop listening to it. Just today I've probably listened to it 12 15 times. Scary. It's the second one in a row I've been earwormed by that is not in English (the other one is "An Pac Ar Bulle" by Gaelic Storm). Both songs do contain some English but not enough to sing along with.
Saw five movies in the last six days. Whew. I prefer going to the show (about $20 with snacks) to buying a dvd without having seen the movie. It amazes me how common that is though, people buy a dvd based on--what exactly? Box office? Reviews? No idea. Yikes. What do you do if you hated it?Give it away? Foist it on an unsuspecting friend?
Made chili last night, it turned out very well. Tried to give some to a couple people at work, one of them took their container and seemed happy to have it, and the other was such a freak about it that I'm going to keep it and have lunch for the rest of the week myself. And try not to call him Mr. PoopyPants out loud.
Finally watched the "Stone Reader" dvd I've had for forever (actually about a month). It was different than I thought it would be, but still good. It made me feel like something of a Philistine for never having read a number of the books they discuss. I should rememdy that but I'll have to be quick because the genre stuff keeps piling up. I'd be reading right now if I hadn't been 'nudged' twice.

*pause for the laughter to die down*

Felt like running yesterday but it was drizzling so I walked to the grocery store instead. Maybe a short run tomorrow, before "Veronica Mars" and LOST. Am still hating the fact that the only way to run after work is right past a line of cars filled with those people who ork cows. Most irritating.
Bought a belly dancing instructional cd (shut UP, and also, see above earworm) and it's really really bad. This Jillina person can't teach worth damn. If anyone has any rec's I'd be happy to take them (I'm looking at you here aimee_darling).

See, pretty boring stuff, this is why I haven't posted lately, nothing to see here, move along.

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