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On my way!

I had an interview today for a part-time job I'm excited about. The job is waiting tables at BW3, the buffalo wings place. I've never waited tables before but after being away from the public for three years after spending my professional life until then in retail, I miss interacting with lots of different people. I hope to get the job, it would be way more fun than working at Kohl's where I have an interview tomorrow. Also the food would be better there. The interview went very well (I thought) until the end when I told the guy that my managers at my two previous jobs weren't there any more. He looked at me a little suspiciously, so I told him my current boss is expecting calls, and there were people still at Crane's that had worked with me, but probably no one currently at the Border's I used to work at had ever worked with me. I guess the only way I could have made that worse would have been to tell him that both my former managers were eventually fired for theft. Not while I was there, but still, it doesn't sound good.
Other than that I finished two more books and am caught up with my Asimov's and Analog reading. Whee! The two books are The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, and Do You Love Me or Am I Just Paranoid? : The Serial Monogamist's Guide to Love by Carina Chocano. The DaVinci Code was interesting, well researched and a good mystery. I especially liked that the older professor and the younger pretty heroine who were attracted to each other did NOT hop into bed with each other. That always annoyed me in similar books I'd read in the past, they're being pursued by thugs and the French FBI and yet they have time and are in the mood for a little mattress boogie. I don't think so. Plus the resolution was satisfactory which is a toughie when you're supposedly revealing a centuries old religious mystery and treasure. I have been recommending it a lot. I love books that make me say "Hunh, I did not know that." while I'm reading them. Do You Love Me was funny but also maybe a little too true to be THAT funny. Maybe if I was currently in a relationship it would be funnier. Hard to say.
That's it for now.
I don't think the music auto detect will be able to say but I am listening to my favorite internet radio station, OzWorld.com.au, which, despite it's snazzy new interface STILL does not have a working play list. Hmmph.


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