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Public, for a change

Haven't posted (publicly) in awhile for a variety of reasons so this is in the nature of a catch-up post for the last week and a half month or so.
Not much to report really. Went to a couple work 'things' (since they were at bars and weren't for any specific reason they're not really parties). Dyed Easter eggs on Good Friday night, went to my folks' house for a quiet Easter, then went to pam and spot's for their housewarming and combo birthday party for pam and unhipster. That was fun but the next day was Monday so I made an early night of it.
Saturday morning I flew down to Charleston for my brother and sister-in-law's vow renewal ceremony (hereinafter to be referred to as 'the wedding'). Once I got there the girls went shopping and had their toes done, the boys met up with us later so we could decide what to do about dinner. My brother wanted to eat in town and have a semi-early night but my SiL's parents insisted that we come to the house they had rented to grill out and eat. My brother didn't want to as he knew they tend to eat late but agreed when my SiL's brother, in an effort to make everyone happy volunteered to start cooking so we could eat at 7pm instead of nine. So we went and when we got there at seven the charcoal hadn't even been lit. Plus my SiL's parents and her aunt and uncle had left to go out drinking. So we started dinner and wound up eating around nine. We were getting ready to leave around ten when the truants returned and did a lot of 'Oh you're not leaving already are you?'. My brother was not happy.
Sunday we all went to the beach for a few hours, that was lots of fun, I played in the waves with my youngest niece while my brother surfed and my SiL and older niece sunned. I hadn't been in the ocean in a few years and really enjoyed the chance to hop about in the lively surf. Then it was back to town to get ready for the ceremony that evening. We got to the beach where there were chairs set up and an 'aisle' of rose petals, all very pretty. My SiL and the nieces were gorgeous and my brother was very sharp in a linen suit. The pastor (hired by the wedding coordinator, and unknown to anyone) did an excellent job, even if it was difficult to hear him over the surf. At the very end however he said "And now I would like to reintroduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Scott $Wronglastname!" Everyone looked around in confusion, then he caught himself and said "Mr. and Mrs. Scott $Rightlastname, sorry!" We took a bunch of different pictures on the beach, and then everyone except my brother, his wife and their girls went back to the hotel to the rooftop bar that my SiL's parents had volunteered to decorate. If you click here you can see they did a lovely job, everything was quite beautiful.
The only problem was that they had used that opportunity to set up the place settings and they seated my parents and I (the only family of my brother's to get invitations) as far as possible from the head table. They actually had intended for me to sit closer to the bride and groom but I chose to sit with my parents who had been exiled to the only table that contained non-relatives. I was furious, just livid but didn't say anything as I had suspected that my SiL's mother would pull something like this. I didn't want to ruin the affair with extended bickering over the fact that my parents should have been seated with hers and I should have been seated with my SiL's siblings, then her aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin's boyfriend should have been seated with the two friends that were there.
The next day my folks left early in the morning to continue their vacation and we went to the beach again, and I flew home that evening. Except for the whole seating thing it was a nice weekend.
Developed a cold this week and generally felt like crap, but managed to make progress on Catch-22 even though I'm not loving it (I'm almost halfway through and nothing has happened yet, it's still wacky character sketches) and finish my sweater.

Went to see "Brick" today and it was exactly what I thought it would be and very good to boot. Well acted and scored, the dialogue wasn't always fabulous but it was true to highschoolers (if teenagers anywhere really referred the 'the cops' as 'the bulls'). I gave it eight out of ten stars at the IMDB.

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