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Catching Up (again)


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Just saw this nifty thing above on another page and had to make my own. (ETA: Of course the nifty thing isn't showing up correctly in my post. I logged out to check it hadn't broken anything either, but you'll have to go here to see how cool the idea is.) I'd like to find a way to put it in the side bar as they did, so that it would be on my main page and since I picked 'random' for photo selection it would always be displaying different pictures. That will have to happen some time later as now I need write the catch up post and then go walk to Caribou to read more Proven Guilty and also the instructions for "Betrayal at House on the Hill", a game I liked very much and will have a chance to play again tonight. But tonight I'll be the only one there who's played it and so I should read the rule book to make sure I'm remembering everything correctly (hah! remembering everything correctly, that's a laugh!)

Tuesday last, I went to the monthly Chicago-SF.org meetup at Dave and Buster's on Clark. There were 36 geeks on display (the function room we were in had plate glass windows right on the sidewalk, so the occaisional pedestrian stopped to gawk) which is a new record, and again everyone seemed to have fun, which is the most important part. aimee_darling who's fondue was very late was kind enough to share her marshmallows with me, and despite pyropyga's fervent wish I managed to roast and eat them without flinging flaming foodstuff (so close, can't think of a synonym marshmallow that starts with "fl"). I completely forgot about "Veronica Mars" being on Tuesdays so an unnamed source fixed me up with a decent torrent site and I downloaded it. Then I grabbed the last two eps of Battlestar Galactica. Whoa. Glad I made it so long without being spoiled, it definitely would have lessened the impact if I had known any of that was coming. Over the summer I'll have to rewatch Season 2's eps and listen to the podcasts. Hell, there's time enough to rewatch the entire show, between now and October.

Friday was busy, with a dinner with former cow-orkers first, then a Cinqo de Mayo party that had great margaritas and faboo bean dip. Saturday went to see my folks, ate at Sweet Tomatoes (love that place!) and then went to my favorite theater, the Marcus, in Addison, to see "Mission Impossible: 3". It was ok, not as entertaining as the first two, for one thing there was entirely too much Tom Cruise (who I haven't liked ever since "Top Gun"). Sunday it was so beautiful (and sunny! remember the sun?) that I went to Evanston early and hung out at their lakeshore, reading the book (The Curse of Chalion) for that evening's book group. We had a lively discussion at book group and I enjoyed the title that we picked enough that I grabbed the sequel, so there wouldn't be a pesky wait between titles.

Tuesday night was the Un. Be. Lieveable. "Veronica Mars" season finale. Holy cow! I hope it gets picked up by the 'new' network, it's one of the only shows I watch (LOST and BSG being the other ones) and I'd be very disappointed if it wasn't picked up.

Thursday was another episode of Jovian Chronicles, we stayed more focused than usual and the food was a success as well, good call pam!

Friday I went to what everyone in my league persists in calling the Bowling Banquet, even though it's been six years since we've had a sit-down meal. It was a good time, but I had to go relatively early since (for once) I drove myself, so it was either have one more drink and wait around for it to wear off (getting progressively more sleepy) or hit the road a little after 10. Since they'd already passed out everyone's trophies and we had gotten our bowling 'rebates' I took off.

The weather has been really gross, cold and rainy. I enjoy a grey, rainy day as an excuse to stay in and read as much as the next person, but we're going on a week of no sun at all here and it's starting to really bother me.

Ok, that's enough faffing about for now.

I almost forgot, somewhere in there I signed up (or reactivatedmy profile in) a few personals sites. Later this week I may be posting more about that. Suffice it to say that I was shocked at how much these people charge a month for their services (I'm not paying anyone yet), especially that nasty eHarmony.com who's only relationship search choices were 'man seeking woman' and 'woman seeking man'. WTF?
Also also, the "Current Music" is a link to an evil Myspace site that cracked me up because it features a dance mix of the "Hamster Dance". I found it when someone somewhere (perhaps one of y'all) linked to this video of a hamster who's eyes are bigger than her stomach.

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