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Went out in last night in search of jeans that will fit me. After looking all over Yorktown, including Von Maur where they appear to be organizing their women's jeans by inseam length(?) and charging $160 for some of them(!?) I found some decent one's at New York and Co. for $10! That's right, $10 for a pair of new jeans. I couldn't believe my luck, I thought $20 at Penny's was the best I was going to do. So I bought four pairs in size 6, which quite frankly is a little scary. When a wore a pair to work today I got another round of "You're not still losing wieght are you? How much more are you going to lose?" and I had to explain that no, I hadn't lost any more wieght, I was just wearing jeans that fit. So I felt that deserved loaded nachos from El Famous Burrito. Mmmmm, El Famous. Also got their 'homemade' guac and freshly fried chips. Yummy.
We had a pretty big change at work today, something that will eventually (in about a year or so) make everyone's job easier but right now, it's main impact is that teammates can't help their fellow fillers when they fall behind. That was one of the nice things about this job was the sense of teamwork and camaraderie. The camaraderie will be hard to maintain when it's everyone for themselves.
Working the close tomorrow (10:15-6:45) which is a good thing as one of my teeth is bothering me and going in late will give me a chance to call around to local dentists to try and get an appointment soonish.
Finished Proven Guilty (it was awesome and more awesomeness is foreshadowed) and started Worldwired which is just as good (so far) as the first two books in that series.

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