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Agony! (Misery! Woe!)

Is there any pain worse than tooth pain? I don't think so.
I realize that this is the intarnets so at least three people will weigh in to tell me which kinds of pain exactly are worse than tooth pain.
At least not worse than the tooth pain I was having on Friday. It was my own fault, I have three 'iffy' teeth that I've been meaning take care of Real Soon Now. On Friday Real Soon Now turned abruptly into 'should have taken care of it five minutes ago'. If I went more than ten seconds without a mouthful of water I was in serious pain--"I think there's someone digging at my upper jaw with a large red hot needle pain", no joke or exaggeration. It was enough to get me thinking about how lame most torture scenes I've seen on tv or in the movies are because (except for 'Alias') they've never involved tooth pain. I still don't know why I didn't just leave work and find a dentist but I think I was confused by the pain (and the spectre of the pain), so, stupidly, I soldiered through the day.
When I finally made it home I thought-"Great I made it through the day but all the dentists are closed...now what do I do?" Also I called Mom and wished her Happy Birthday a week too early (D'oh!). Since don't have a regular dentist (I had a great one but he's not in my plan so I hadn't been for a while) and if you google "emergency dentist" it brings up a bunch of 'dental plan' sites, I wound up going to the ER where the nice resident packed my tooth with a temp filling and gave me a shot that was supposed to last two and a half hours, and perscribed vicodin and penicillin. The shot lasted all night and until my appointment with the Most Wonderful Endodontist in the WORLD the next morning. I got in to see The Nerve Killer on Saturday and completed Part One of Root Canal '06. I appreciated that he let me know that I could have the tooth pulled (not by him) and it would be cheaper, but it was salvageable so it was up to me. Well I don't want to start losing teeth before my time so we saved it. (I have dental insurance so it wasn't a choice between Get Tooth Pulled for $100 or Save It for $2K. Having Insurance is Good..) He numbed up one side of my face and went to town with the sanding and scraping and pulling. It's weird, there was no pain but I could feel what he was doing and my brain knew that it should hurt enough to make me pass out, so sometimes it took an effort of will not to let my brain tell me it did hurt. Get it?
I was also thinking (later that day) that when one's had that level of pain then anything that doesn't involve the return of the pain is ok. Got fired? It's all good, at least my tooth isn't trying to crawl out through the top of my head!! Suddenly blinded and unable to read? Who cares, at least I can think straight since my jaw's not exploding! Can't go to Duckon because of being mugged by the Tooth Fairy? That's ok, at least I won't be curled in a ball making inarticulate pain noises. You get the picture.
Not much else to report. The new procedure at work is going ok I suppose, although it's still weird not to be able to give and get help from my co-workers. We went from being a decent team, with everyone pitching in to get all the work in our area done on-time, to having the computer give us our 'own' work. We need a compromise though, (note to self-- ask JH if we can help others if we write our filler number on the lines we take) because if things go bad it takes much longer to recover, but I understand the need to track the work, it will be a Good Thing in the long run. The Shoe Truck came and went and I missed my chance to get new shoes since it's tough to shop (even on a truck) with a mouthful of water.
Yesterday afternoon was nice as the pain was gone!! and a friend came by for a late lunch and we ambled around Elmhurst, enjoying the sunshine. Last night five friends and I got in two rounds of "Betrayal at House on the Hill", which was fun. The first round I got to be the Traitor and the next game we were all in danger of slipping the bonds of sanity and forcing the others to dance forever and ever.
Today also looks to be gorgeous (I'd probably say that even if it was rainy and miserable out, because No Pain! Lalalalala No Pain!), no 5K for me though, just laundry and a visit to my folks.

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