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Spent a while at Borders tonight perusing the "Local Interest" section, looking for decent books on daytrips (or weekend getaways) around Chicago/Northern Illinois. I liked the trip I took over Memorial Day weekend to Davenport, it was a fun drive and three hours in the car doesn't feel as long as it sounds. There are a number of decent state parks within a few hours drive of Chicago. While chatting with a friend on-line he mentioned wanting to drive cross country and I told him, no you don't. I've driven (ridden, really, but still) from Chicago to Arizona and MAN is it BORING. Depends on where you go of course but three hours is one thing, three days of rollling farmland is quite another. Anyway I was thinking about trying to organize a short (weekend long, leave Friday evening or Saturday morning, come back Sunday night) road trip type thing, to Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana, or possibly Springfield. Or maybe head north to House-on-the-Rock and enjoy the scenery of the Kettle Moraine. (That one might win out as I really enjoy saying Kettle Moraine. Try it, it's fun.)
In other news, there really isn't any. Davenport was pleasant but since I mainly went to visit a friend who's living there now it wasn't a whirlwind of touristy stuff. We did walk along the Mighty Mississip' for a bit, and had lunch at a lunch counter/soda fountain that had been there since the '30's and generally hung out.
I go back to the endodontist tomorrow morning to finish killing the naughty nerve that gave me so much trouble. Then to my folks', then to a party. Sunday I want to spend some time at Printers' Row even though I need more books like a need a hole in the head.
Forgot my glasses today which served to remind me how convenient contact lenses are, so I went to Lenscrafters to see about getting some daily wear ones. I probably won't be able to wear contacts at work (I keep hoping but it's still dry and dusty so probably not) so a one-month supply of dailies would last me quite a while. Also if I wear contacts I get to wear my cool sunglasses, so that's a plus.
They're changing a lot of things at work lately, not necessarily for the better. This week they fired a guy on my team, which was upsetting. No one could figure out why--he never calls out sick, he keeps busy, works hard and generally has a good attitude. I hear that when they do all the money stuff they make people sign an NDA agreeing to give one (very broad) reason for being let go so we'll never know exactly what they told him, even if he wanted to tell us. He'd been there about 8 years and was a good co-worker and a great guy. Everyone (including him, reportedly) was shocked.
Heard about a sort of work reunion party today for people that worked at the Oak Brook Borders store, back when it was the only store in Chicago and one of seven (?) in the country. A former cow-orker is getting the band back together. Should be interesting. Probably in both senses of the word.
That's all the rambling for now. More rambling later.

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