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How good? Hawesome!

Just back from Duckon XV and even though I didn't stay at the hotel for this con I still had a great time!

Friday I went after work to pick up a Saturday only badge as that was the only day I was planning on being there. But after looking over the pocket program I realized there were a few panels I'd like to attend on Sunday as well so I sprang for the full badge. Wandered around for a while and ran into a couple people I'd met at (the two) previous cons I've attended and also saw some of the gang. Went to a couple parties and wound up hanging out in the GT room party listening to lots of entertaining stories. Stopped by the always happening OddCon room party and then home so I could come back in time for the first panel I wanted to attend on Saturday.

Intended to go to the "World Building Workshop" run by Jo Walton and Bill Higgins but was frightened off by the 'workshop' bit. So I toured the dealers' room where I saw many lovely things I'd like to have but managed to avoid buying, then went to "Build a Blinky" and soldered for the very first time! My blinky worked and I wore it proudly the rest of the weekend. Then it was off to "Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology" with Jordin Kare, Jim Rittenhouse and um, someone else.
After that it was "Rocket Talk with Fizz and Fuse"--Jordin Kare and Bill Higgin's future version of NPR's Cartalk.

Then Jo Walton's reading. That was very cool as there were only six of us so we were able to interact with her. She was great! It was so much fun to finally meet this person whos books I've read and also who's posts on LJ and usenet I've been reading for years. I never did get a chance to tell her how much I enjoyed this. (There are others as well, seven of my 32 memories are posts that Jo has made.) There were only six people at the reading as for some reason the Literary GoH's reading was scheduled opposite the Live Birds of Prey show.

Then another panel with Jo titled "Evil Defined" where we were Godwined inside of five minutes.

After that I went back for more science at the "What's New at Fermilab" panel where I learned that they've been shooting neutrons at target in Minnesota. Wonder what Minnesota ever did to them?

Then it was off to the GoH concert with Jordin Kare where I got to hear (and sing along with) "Psi Naught" and others.

Dinner with a bunch of people at TGIFriday's (deeply regretted about eight hours later) and then the art auction featuring Bill and Gretchen Roper and The RJ. About halfway through that the Tesla coil got started so I hung out in the parking lot 'oohing' and 'aaaahing' along with other interested parties. I got some pretty good video of the coil in action on my phone. Here it is. It's blurry but you (kind of) get the idea.

Then it was party time. Two drinks, a hot dog and some cookies later it was time to go home so I'd be able to get up this morning and do it again.

I'm tired, Sunday's recap will have to wait until tomorrow.

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