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Two Days

Well, after two days at the new job I still like it. It doesn't hurt that none of the usual suspects were around this weekend; Dj and Carol are in NOLA, Grace and Becky are getting ready for inventory of the huge bookstore where they work, D&P are hanging out with their friend who just had a baby, and Susan is more than likely hanging out with her sister and TD. JC is trying to get their house ready for sale and also work a couple shifts this weekend. So everyone else was at least as busy as me, so I didn't miss a game night or movie or anything fun, really. It was tiring, but a good kind of tiring, learning new things always wears me out, once I've dreamt about them it's better. Unfortunately I was dreaming while watching "The Chamber of Secrets", but I'd seen it already and I didn't miss any important scenes (any scene containing Lucius Malfoy, AND his hair), the deleted scenes were good for once as were the cast interviews.

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