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Jun. 21st, 2006

Another catch-up entry, full of mintuiae...
Wednesday I had a nice surprise, a friend that had moved away was back in town briefly and called with an offer to stop by, and bring a burrito from El Famous.
Absolutely! Stop by, any time! So we spent a few hours catching up after not having seen each other in nearly two years (we've chatted on the phone but that's not the same). He looks good and is doing well and the burrito was delicious.
Thursday's activities y'all already know about as I posted way too much Crap-Cam footage earlier.
Friday some friends and I met my now-married and pregnant ex-roomie and her husband for dinner at Claim Jumper where they seat you even if your party isn't all there yet (!?!), the food is good and the desserts are as big as your head. Seriously, one dessert is plenty for four people. Then ex-roomie and our so-called "Third Roommate" (the chick who lived at home but spent most of her time at our apartment) hung out some more, talking talking talking. It was great to see the ex-roomie again, another friend I talk to on the phone but only get to see about once a year.

Pictures from c0defiant's birthday in the woods (flocked)
That was pretty much where I spent Saturday, it was a perfect day to be horsing around in the forest preserve with a keg of beer, way too much food, cold water and water toys (including a wading pool), and cool tunes.

Sunday was a pretty nominal Father's Day, we went to Outback, I got Dad a cordless mouse for his laptop and my brother failed completely to call or acknowledge Father's Day in any way. He also forgot to call on Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday so Dad didn't feel too bad about being forgotten.

Monday I giggled to myself all day at work because a cow-orker with an extremely dignified mien had apparently lost an argument with a bottle of Sun-In over the weekend. So the top of his (dark brown) hair was a fetching metallic pumpkin color, entirely at odds with his regal bearing.

Today was pretty good, got my yearly haircut, and went on a Borders binge, picking up the new titles by matociquala and autopope and the Parable of the Sower, the July selection for the bookclub. When I made my purchases the nice lady behind the register remembered they had just started the promotion where anyone who spends over $40 gets free passes for the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Whee! Love the faire and now I can go for free! (Minus the cost of a couple beers, a turkey leg and whatever cool stuff I'm forced to buy.) Then to top it all off I ran into a favorite ex-co-worker that still picks up a couple hours at Borders and who I haven't seen for a couple years (at least). Wonder who else I'll run into from my recent past?

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