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Catching up (again)

Time for another catch up entry before the busy holiday weekend.

Let's see, since the Jim Butcher talk (signing? appearance?) what have I done?

Out for coffee with friends on Thursday night (that's where the new icon is from, one of them had bought a new camera and was playing with it).

Friday I joined a bunch of other folks from chicago-sf.org at a screening of "Serenity". It was a charity screening to raise money for Equality Now, an organization that Joss' started. After the movie we went to a Golden Nugget, and after that the bar we wanted to go to was closed so we went to a 4am bar (I don't think I'd ever been to a 4am bar). That was pretty entertaining as everyone there was really drunk. There was also Karoake, which was ok because the people singing were good (mostly).
Saturday I went out to see my folks, and Saturday night? I caved and went to see "Nacho Libre". The two friends I was with laughed all the way through, so they enjoyed it. I went to be social and because I had heard that the guy who wrote and directed "Napoleon Dynamite" (which I like very much) had also written and directed "Nacho Libre". But really it was Jack Black acting like himself for an hour and a half. He's funny but not that funny.
Sunday I went to a friend's sister's pool party and got to see and talk to some folks I hadn't seen in at least a couple of years. That was fun. It was a bit cloudy for a pool party but it never actually rained, so that was good. The bad was that I was also supposed to go to a baby shower that afternoon and had completely forgotten about it. The result was a couple worried sounding voice-mail messages and embarrassment on my part.
Then Tuesday was Pub Trivia at McNally's where we were underwhelmed by the new trivia host and the new waitress and decided to maybe try Irish Times next week. (One guy creates a pub quiz that's used at several area Irish bars on different days of the week.)
Wednesday I went out with a couple friends for a couple beers, including $2 pints of Guinness! Whee!! (No I'm not linking to the bar in question, I plan on going back and I don't want to have to fight the crowds.)
Thursday was Jovian Chronicles with an Indian buffet and dueling birthday cakes for lverhulst and pyropyga. I had a nice surprise at work, my favorite cow-orker brought me a bag of mini-Snickers bars! I have been having to have something to eat (preferably sugary) around 3:30, otherwise my energy starts flagging and I also have some kind of 'moment', sad, angry, depressed. So candy has become necessary.
Friday I was still feeling restless and organized a group for dinner at Palmers, where I sampled a couple very good Belgian-style beers, brewed in Montreal. It was the perfect night to eat out on the patio and sit and talk.
Today I just got back from my folks' house where we had another round of 'we're getting old and trying to decide where we want to live when we become infirm in some non-specific way.' So that was lots of fun. One thing that came up was the lack of, hrm, "Lifestyle Consultant" services, a sort of combination real estate/travel agent who would help older folks pick an area and 'community' based on their needs and financial situation. I'm luckier than some people I know in that my folks are financially secure so I don't have to worry about providing for them. Since their fiftieth wedding anniversary is next year I do have to worry about organizing a party for them.
Tomorrow is "The Devil Wears Prada" with my mundane friends, and then party on Monday (with fireworks, weather permitting) and party on Tuesday (with a POOL! weather permitting), so it should be a good weekend.

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