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More than this....

Nothing much has been happening except for the camping trip to the Indiana Dunes State Park. That was lots of fun! pam organized the reservations, etc. and we wound up with 8 Fans, one Mundane who's a closeted fan (she mostly reads genre but won't call herself a fan and won't come to our rites meetings), one other guy (who I'm certainly not going to call mundane, even though he 's not a fan he's not mundane) and one dog.

We ate lots of s'mores, I toasted lots of salami (that only one other person was brave enough to try), and we had a campfire chef who made salmon and stuffed squash! We didn't do as much hiking this time (I did hardly any) but wore ourselves out lying around on the beach and paddling in lake. Then it was time for more food!

My favorite moment came Friday night when another camper and I walked to the beach to see the stars and enjoy the quiet. On our way there (through the _very_ dark woods) we saw these little blue-white lights in the distance--it almost looked like a single blue-white LED would appear, then disappear. I was a little freaked out as the first few we saw were at about head height, so I wondered what people were doing out in the woods so far off the path in the middle of the umm, early morning. A little later I saw one of the lights in the sand, and it turns out it was a firefly!! A few yards after we discovered what the little lights were, the path opened out and we would see literally _hundreds_ of twinkling lights in the forest. It was incredibly beautiful. I really really wished I had a camera that could have captured it. I'd never heard of fireflies that light any color other than yellow-gold (after digging around a little this week I found pictures of some that light up green-gold). A friend suggested maybe they were waterbugs of some sort but we didn't see any on the beach.

Tuesday was our monthly 'meeting' where a bunch of speculavtive fiction fans sit around and eat and talk at Dave and Buster's. We reached a new high of 38 people and I was excited to see a number of recent newbies return a second time. We want to keep growing but simple numbers don't mean anything. If the people who show up change every week or we get lots of jerks showing up then the numbers don't really matter. We have a group of good people that seems to be growing slowly yet steadily. As oneleggedman pointed out with his toast on Tuesday, it's been three years and two of the original attendees were still with us--Himself and pyropyga. I've been going for 2 and half years and in that time we've gone from seven people to 38. Pretty neat.
Other than that the rest of my free time this past week was spent attempting to catch up on LJ, after being gone for the whole weekend. I finally gave up last night, I was still skipping 300 on my FList. I checked in with a few folks but finally had to throw in the towel.
Yesterday was a relaxing day, I was off work and went to get a pedicure to clean-up my sand ravaged feet, then I drove to Manhattan, in part just to see it (not much to see, cute town but not a lot of it) and tried to go to the Charlie Horse bar and grill to see if they had t-shirts that I could buy and mod to be a Great Big Sea t-shirt. Couldn't find it though. Ah well, perhaps next Friday (I'm off that day as well, whee!). Then out to dinner at The Heartland Cafe which I've read about but never been to. It was very nice, ate outside, tried a new beer and even found parking less than a block away. (That's how you can tell I'm from the suburbs, I'm constantly going on about parking.)

The journal's due for a title and header change but don't have anything that's hitting me just at the moment. Perhaps if I hear a really cool horse's name at Arlington Park (warning, annoying man nattering on about racing) I'll change it. Everything else I've been coming up with is a little confrontational.
Ok, the sunshine and matociquala's characters are calling, so that's it for now.

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