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Whew, it's only been a week but I feel as though it's been longer.

Since I posted last I shredded the front passenger tire on my car, necessitating buying two new tires, which according to various observers was none too soon. I'll be getting two more new ones shortly. Who knew tires don't even last 35K miles?

It's been punishingly hot here lately. I finally caved and turned my air on Friday morning because work had been hot also, and being hot at work and at home was taking it right out of me physically-- I was getting tired much faster and was also much crabbier.

The big event this week was the Borders Reunion, a party organized by one of the guys I used to work with at the first Borders store in Chicago, and the seventh in the country. He only invited people who had worked at the original location, now defunct these 10 years. When Borders added music, movies and cafes to their stores, the Oak Brook store moved and anyone who wasn't there before the move didn't get invited. I got to see lots of people (about 20) that I hadn't seen in years, catch up with them and reminisce.

After that I zipped to Chicago to see a Midnight show of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", unseen by me since college. We had a good turnout, with unhipster,urbanfirefly, fractalsphere, mars19, origamilady, Caitlin, Caitlin's Husband, Elliot, Jessica and of course c0defiant. It was an odd showing as it seemed to be attached to a convention, I can only assume it was the Flashback Horror con out in Rosemont.
The result was a super-long show and a confusion of audience responses as audience members from all over the country shouted out their usual lines which were quite frequently different than the lines their neighbors were shouting. So it was loud (expected) and confusing (unexpected). But I'm glad we went. Got home way too late (early) and was up way too early (early).
Nap later.

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