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New Icons

Finally got around to adding a few new icons. Feeling pretty much 12 years old, what with the cute animals, and the cute guys. Oh well those are the pictures I want. I'm not done yet but am not feeling creative at the moment. I'm not sure how to get them all on one page as the "add an image" instructions in the FAQ seem pretty (needlessly) complex. Presumably those icons are stored somewhere in LJ so why would I have to code a link to them. It seems silly. If I can't figure it out I will just rotate through them.

Nothing new to report, except I have to go for bar tending training, something about a certificate. The class is at the police station and runs from 9am-1:30 pm. Not too long but the job that is requiring me to do this is not paying me for it. The only reason I'm going is that once I have the certificate, it's mine for good and I can use it elsewhere. And at this point it looks like there will be an elsewhere.

Also spent too long fussing with Trillian, if anyone got a bunch of pings or "while you were out" type messages I'm sorry.

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