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That's my motto for the past two weeks.
Wednesday before last a friend who lives in Davenport called to tell me she needed to be out of her apartment by the next Sunday. Could I help?
I had gotten tickets for the Indigo Girls for Sweetest Day and the show was Saturday night, but it would have been impossible to enjoy "Hammer and Nail" knowing I had left a friend in the lurch. So I said I'd do it. I called around to other people I thought were friends of hers here, but no one could help, mostly due to the late notice. One guy, however, someone I thought was particularly close to her got very angry when I called to tell him she was being evicted after losing her job, could he help her move in with her grandmother? NO! He said, nononono. She doesn't return phone calls or send out birthday cards, no way can he help her. She cut herself off from everyone and now she must pay. Ooookay, note to self, if I'm ever all alone in the world except for my 80-year old grandmother, don't forget to send a birthday card to the guy with a nice house, two cars, two tivo's, and good support network of family and spouse, or he won't help me if I have a reversal of fortune.
Reversal of fortune here is really an under- and misstatement. Her mom passed away suddenly several years ago and since then she's lost her good job with Borders, a not-so-good job with Lane Bryant, an ok job at VonMaur and a really shitty job at K-Mart. Sometimes it's hard to get the whole story from her about why she lost a job (for example, this time she said she had lost her job two weeks ago, but even living on the raggedy edge I would think it would take more than two weeks of unemployment to be evicted.) So partly because of her own actions an partly bad luck, she's now living with her elderly grandmother in BFE Iowa with 90% of her stuff in storage. Sucks a lot to be her. That thought is what kept me getting angry with her while we were loading a 24-ft. U-Haul truck by ourselves, in part because of the short notice. I had had a four-day weekend the week before when I had talked to her and told her I wasn't dong anything in particular. Why didn't she tell me then, that she HAD to move and needed help? It would have been much much easier. I know why, she was terrified that I'd say 'no' and then what would she do? But with more notice she could have had at least two more people helping. I was supposed to have someone to ride with me and help but he never made it.
Anyway, the rive went well, we had good weather, the people who bought her Pottery Barn hutch also bought three of the largest and heaviest bookcases and took them away (yay!), so we two girls loaded the truck all by ourselves, even getting her box-springs unstuck from the staircase. The picture here is of the truck, half-loaded, taken with my phone (which decided to start acting up on this trip). It took us six hours, but we did it. Then she drove off to grandma's while I was lucky enough to stay with friends who had moved out to the Quad Cities and built themselves a darned nice house.

The U-Haul is Half-Full
Originally uploaded by oilygrrl.

And when I saw 'built themselves' I mean it. He did everything except the foundation and the shingles himself, and this is his second house that he's built. He built and sold one already but the one I saw and stayed at is their permanent home. They have four guest rooms, each with it's own full bath, a huge gorgeous kitchen, three decks, their own beach and fire pit and an indoor pool (in progress) in the basement. So I got to stay there and catch up with my friends, instead of driving three hours to stay at B's grandma's house.
The next day I went back to the apartment to finish schelpping stuff while watching the Bears clobber the 49er's. That was fun.
More later, time to go to Mom and Dad's now, I hope to watch the Bears annihilate the Dolphins.

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