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'Could've been worse'... continued

Sometime during this weekend I noticed that my left front tire was acting a little mushy. By the time Sunday night rolled around I was dithering about whether or not fill it with air, thinking that maybe if it was a slow leak then filling it with air would make it leak faster. I wound up deciding that more air was better and filling it at a gas station before hitting the road. It's a testament to how little car trouble I've had that I was shocked that it's apparently commonplace to _charge_ (usually $.50) for AIR. AIR!! Gah. Anyway, I hadn't signed up for Triple AAA before heading out to Davenport so I was a little nervous, but when I made DeKalb it looked fine, so I wasn't worried. Throughout the week though it got worse, until I walked out of the bowling alley Thursday night and it was very nearly completely flat. Since re-inflating it had worked before and it was cold and dark I decided to go that route and refill it once more to get home. Friday of course it was dead. So I started walking to work and was surprised that no one stopped for me until I was almost halfway there. Got a ride home, then Saturday changed to the dinky spare and went to the tire store to discover I'd pushed it too far and it was irreparable. So, since I needed two new rear tires (the car's six years old, 40K miles and I hadn't had to replace them yet) anyway, I wound up buying three. Oh well. Could have been worse for that piece of misfortune. Catastrophic failure between Davenport and DeKalb would have been way worse than catastrophic failure in the bowling alley parking lot, where there was at least help close to hand.
In other news, our party prep for Windy Con seems to be coming together (I've got the important stuff, the punch, taken care of), the decorations should be very cool. There's no party list up at Windy's site, but I'm hoping the Barbarians will be back with their wine and cheese party (especially that yummy poison apple). Plus the panels look interesting, it should be a good time.
That's it for now, more later.

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