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Nov. 10th, 2006

I seriously needed THIS today. Pretty funny stuff.
Just got back from a two hour dentist appointment (yup, two whole hours) and ordered a funeral arrangement for a good friend's father who was killed in a car accident on Monday. It's been a wretched week. I've been looking forward to Windycon for months but due to the visitation and funeral being this weekend I won't be able to spend much time there at all. I'll be able to help set-up the room party we're throwing and serve punch for the two hours I signed up for, but that's probably it. Maybe some panels on Sunday morning while I'm waiting for everyone to wake up who had the energy to party all night.
Obviously there are worse things in this world than missing a con (especially with Capricon just three months away) but it's always disappointing when you've been looking forward to something for a while and it's suddenly taken away.
Aaanyway, that's the bad news I guess. Hopefully the good news will be _some_ time spent at the con, a successful party, and a few new members for our SF (speculative fiction) group.
Also my friend should feel pretty loved and supported this weekend with all of us around her at the wake and funeral.
Also also, it was position night for my bowling league last night and we went from eighth place at the start of the season, to fifth place, to third place, and last night we were five pins away from second place! So after a couple years of not winning first place for the season we could be in with a chance!
Well, it's about time to go register for Windy and drop off the punch supplies, so they'll be there for Saturday.

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