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A public post.
Not much happening really. Major news is that I got my bonus check, finally. Then bowled a 199 the other night!! Highest score I've ever had, by 21 points. My average is 121.
IN other 'news' I'm finally watching my new Great Big Sea dvd. I've had it for over two weeks and two years ago would never have believed that I could have gone even two hours without watching it. It's decent so far, concert footage from their Then Hard and the Easy tour, lots of folk songs from (as Alan Doyle says) 'the tropical island of Newfoundland' which are mostly fun, fast and easy to sing-along to. The band itself is very engaging and well worth seeing live.
My folks left for Florida by way of North Carolina on Thursday. They'll be spending Christmas with my brother and his family and also (but separately) my aunt and her kids, and their kids. I find it to be a very tense time of year and am not entirely sad I'll be missing it. It is definitely weird to be on my own this weekend though. But nice to have tons of invitations to various houses, I think there were six at last count. Unfortunately I forgot to not down the times dinner was being served at the various houses so my timing might be off.... ;-)
I miss seeing my nieces, seeing them open their presents. That's the fun part about presents is seeing people open them.
That's it for now, more later.
I swear.

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