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Whew, nine geocaches today and four yesterday, that brings my total up to 51. Halfway to 100 found, when I hit that I'll be able to hide my own. I could hide one before then but another geocacher said it's good form to wait until you've found at least 100 before hiding your own cache. It was so nice today I couldn't stay inside, I only intended to find a few caches but I was on a roll and the weather stayed nice so I was out most of the day looking for ammo boxes and 35mm film canisters.
Part of what made finding the caches a little easier was that I finally figured out how to work the compass screen on my gps, it's working great now, that's partly why I was out so long today, I found every cache I looked for, even the multicaches. None of them were snowed over, and I didn't have to worry about being stealthy as I saw hardly anyone else out in the parks/forest preserves I was at.
I should really have stayed in and cleaned but I hated to be inside all day when it was (relatively) warm and sunny.
Got some of You Suck read this afternoon as well. In the book we've just been introduced to Abby Normal, a supporting character from A Dirty Job. Abby's a 16 year-old goth girl who's the vampire couple's minion. Moore said he 'got into character' for writing in her voice by reading myspace pages for an hour before he started writing her sections of the book. Hee!

I finished Farthing yesterday and it was brilliant. I got to meet Jo at Duckon last year and she was exactly as I had imagined her, very intelligent with a great sense of humo(u)r. She read a bit from Farthing and I'd been looking forward to reading it myself ever since then. I finally got a hold of a copy and having finished the book for March's close-reading book discussion I was free to read what I liked. Farthing takes place in an alternate history but at a country house much like one that Bertie Wooster would have stayed at. I'm not sure how 'banal' the evil was but there were some pretty vile characters seen through the eyes of two narrators; the 'daughter of the house' and the Scotland Yard detective, called in to investigate the murder. The surprise by the end comes not from 'whodunnit' but the fact that there's evidence of their guilt.

Last night I finally got to see The Departed which was every bit as good as I'd heard. While visiting my semi-mundane friends I also got an Advance Reader's Copy of For a Few Demons More, so that's next up. I still enjoy the Rachel Morgan books but this is about the place in the Anita Blake series where Laurel Hamilton went off the rails, so I'm hoping it's good. This series is still much lighter in tone than Anita Blake and sex plays a MUCH smaller role in Harrison's books so it should be good still. Nothing against sex but Hamilton's books are basically BDSM erotica these days and that's not why I liked the Anita Blake series. So far Kim Harrison has stayed strong on plot and revealed a little background for each character in every book, her books are more like Harry Dresden than Anita Blake.

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