Elephants That Are on FIRE (oilygrrl) wrote,
Elephants That Are on FIRE

Well, shit.

Playlist for tonight...
"Calling All Angels", Jane Siberry
"The Water is Wide", Steeleye Span
"Boatman", James Taylor
"Feel it Turn", Great Big Sea
"River Driver", Great Big Sea
"Wave Over Wave", Great Big Sea
"Move. 4 (Ode to Joy)", Sym #9, Beethoven
"Fanfare for the Common Man", Copeland
"Make Our Garden Grow", Placido Domingo
"Without You", Dixie Chicks
"Who Knew?", P!nk
"Great Gig in the Sky", Pink Floyd

When I checked my email at lunch I saw that there were several messages from a yahoo group I joined a few months ago. The group was started so that the wife and family of one of the people on my friends list could keep his on-line friends up to date with his illness. The subject line was 'the inevitable'.
armoire_man passed away this morning, leaving his wife and daughter behind. I never really knew him well, only through LJ but I liked him, his Beloved Spouse and Sprout a lot. I'm sad that I won't get to know him better or read any more fun and funny posts from him but mostly I'm sad for his Beloved Spouse who will have to do without her Beloved Spouse. The above songs fit my mood. I thought I had Pink Floyd's "On the Turning Away" but apparently not.

Don't know where these lines are from but Chuck on the mailing list quoted them and they seemed apt.

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light.
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

I googled and it's a quote from Sarah Williams who also wrote this.....

Not so, not so, no load of woe
Need bring despairing frown;
For while we bear it, we can bear,
Past that, we lay it down.

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