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OMG!! Semagic rocks!

I found semagic!! I had been using visions and was on a support page, looking for something else and came across the link for clients. I had tried to download semagic before and hadn't been able to so I downloaded Visions instead. I'll just say that when semagic opened the first time I actually said "Oooh!" and leave it at that.

Winged Migration was wonderful, and Mom was thrilled when Dad and I told her what we were going to see. There was just enough narration and no subtitles. I had read somewhere that it was subtitled but the only ones in this version were the name of the birds, their summer and winter homes, and how long each one way trip was. The music was good and added to the film and the camera work was stunning. I made myself stop trying to figure out how they filmed the birds in flight because it was too distracting. That was the amazing part, they filmed flocks of birds in flight and a lot of the time the camera seemed to be another member of the flock. Really well done, I recommend it to anyone who likes birds or nature films.

Just looked up the Winged Migration website and the secret to filming was pretty much what I thought; a combination of remote control flying cameras, gliders, ultralights and helicopters. Really well done camera work.

Tea was very nice as well, Mom had never been to the Drake and really enjoyed the room and atmosphere. It's one of the best afternoon teas in Chicago.

So all in all a lovely Mother's Day.

ps Had to put the time in by hand as I couldn't get this posted last night. Even that is easier to do on Semagic.


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