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Another busy one....

Another weekend has come and gone, jam-packed with activities but those weekends seem to go so fast....
Friday I went to a book group at McNally's, organized by someone who works at the same company as me (but we don't work together, or even in the same section of the building, so he's not really a co-worker). We were talking about this book, written by a guy that used to work with us. It's a retelling of "The Sure Thing", but set in high school instead of college. It was decent but there wasn't really much to discuss about the book itself so people spent a lot of the time asking him questions I (mostly) knew the answers to after reading lots of authors' blogs. We drank a lot of beer also, and had some lovely fish and chips. Then we went to another Elmhurst bar where I attempted to be the first person to drunk-dial from a book group meeting. Since I don't think records of this are kept anywhere, I'm going to go ahead and claim to be the first person to do this.
That's why I love it when we have work gatherings in Elmhurst, I can walk home, so I don't have to worry about over-indulging.
It was a little tough to get up Saturday morning in time to go out to see my folks who finally came back from Florida, where they had gone to escape the winter weather. Then it was off to the city to celebrate the Fall of Sauron with erinor_rigby, pam, spot, mars19, unhipster, taras_wizard and many others. That was lots of fun!
Today I got up, marvelled at the gorgeous sunshine, downloaded some northerly caches (only found three) and set off for Arlington Heights to start working on Capricon 28. (The splash page says the Author GOH is TBD but we learned today that it will be Mike Resnick!) We started portioning out the work and then had a nice dinner at Vittorio de Roma (warning: cheesy music).
So it was a busy but good weekend. This week won't be much better, what with Kim Harrison's signing tomorrow, the monthly Chicago-sf.org meeting on Tuesday, and bowling on Thursday. I fear my bowling team has fallen out of first place but we should still have a shot at the playoffs as a wild-card.
Not much actual content here I'm afraid as the last book I read was a young adult novel and the other one while good, I'm having trouble marshalling my thoughts on.
The icon isn't new, I made ages ago but it reminded me of my new intartubes addiction, i can has cheezburger?


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